The Spring of Bitcoin


May is a very busy month for Bitcoin enthusiasts who want to be active in cryptocurrencies community. Our team participated in events aimed at Bitcoin community integration and networking. There was also great discussion over problems that industry will eventually have to face.

On 10th-11th May our team went to great world’s Bitcoin center Beijing, China, to Global Bitcoin Summit where many top tier speakers, business representatives, users and fans were debating over main issues, problems and solutions for BTC.

We have met many nice and creative people there who were interested in our exchange solution but also helped us to view it from different perspective providing a lot of useful insights.

15-17th May we have attended #Bitcoin2014 conference in Amsterdam trying to learn more about European perspective on the most liquid cryptocurrency. Big pressure was put there on regulatory issues, ways to popularize Bitcoin and technology development.

Once again we’ve met smart people charmed by Bitcoin’s potential and we’ve experienced the process of rapid, innovative development in young, almost newborn, industry.

But we aren’t enough. There will be another Bitcoin event, this time for Central Europe – CEBE – held on May 31st to June 1st. We are going to be there to emphasize our great interest and involvement in Bitcoin community.

You are welcome to meet us there, just contact us: or Skype: marcin.nowogorski

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