Mobile Developer’s Day

As a part of new version of Protrader, PFSOFT is going to release Protrader Mobile – modern trading terminal for all major mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android phones. To pick up news in development, our team went to Mobile Developer’s Day to Odessa, where the newest trends in developing were discussed.

On the 19-th of August we listen to speakers from Ukraine and Russia in Londonskaya hotel and get to know some interesting things about mobile interfaces and designing the mobile applications. The emphasis was made on developing applications for Android and also there were some very useful lections about mobile cross-platform interface.

The next day we visited IT Jam Meet&Mix– the great opportunity of meeting colleagues from different companies and countries and of experience sharing. This event is one of the biggest IT meetings in Ukraine, so near 1900 participants gathered in one place in one time with plenty of ideas, news and innovative developments. It was especially interesting for us to listen about web-applications’ design, the newest mobile technologies and special aspects of the application infrastructure.

After two days full of sun, sea and active training we got an inspiration to work and implement new ideas to provide more and more in our applications.

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