FIX Conference in Sydney

  • Sydney FIX 2014
  • Sydney FIX 2014 - Roma Nalivayko
  • Sydney FIX 2014 (3)
  • Sydney FIX 2014 (4)
  • Sydney FIX 2014 (5)
  • Sydney FIX 2014 (6)

Here are few photos from 2014 FIX Conference in Sydney, where PFSOFT was represented by Head of Strategy, Roman Nalivayko. Our third visit in Australia was very exciting for  us and we see some promising perspectives there. It’s a great country to live and do business.

On photos, Roman was pretty busy looking for good trading opportunities. To have some fun during events and conferences, we are picking trades for the time of the event and we check who won in the end. Eventually, Roman picked USD/JPY long and booked nice 120 pips profit – enough to win this time ;).

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