Central European Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Vienna.


Source: Cebexpo.net

Right after iFX Expo in Cyprus we went to Cebe conference in Vienna, to check how is Bitcoin community developing in Central Europe. The event was much smaller than the one in Amsterdam but quantity does not necessarily equal quality. We’ve met interesting people and many of them we met before in Amsterdam.

There was debate over future of Bitcoin, current situation in China and investment opportunities in Bitcoin industry. Also legal issues in Europe and future of mining were in focus.

To sum up, this event was a very good opportunity to integrate Bitcoin community in this part of Europe and build foundations for future events and community functioning. We hope that PFSOFT can be part of this process.

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  1. Marcin Wenus says:

    Time for some Bitcoin Expo in Poland. Hope it will be soon for Central and Easter Europe.

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