Business trip to Poland

Business trip to Poland - Protrader

At PFSOFT we provide individual support to each our client to make our system the most efficient and convenient for you. So when it goes about system architecture setup, we are ready to consult and help. Last week two employees of PFSOFT made business trip to Krakow to help our Polish client – Alior Bank – update the test environment.

There were two main aims of this trip: migrate test environment to Protrader 2 and start up cluster on the test environment. With Protrader 2 Alior Bank gets new possibilities and new level of usability and can offer its clients more benefits of online trading. Cluster solution provides scalability of divided server architecture that allows unlimited quantity of users and instruments and high fault tolerance. To make the migration the head of Customer Support department – Alexander Kachur – and System Administrator — Yuriy Knysh – spent a week in Alior’s datacenter and finished all scheduled work.

There was a close cooperation with Alior’s system administrators, and our representatives consulted staff to make the further system’s updates easier for Alior. Also there were discussed some questions about Protrader 1 that is still successfully used in Alior Bank.

“We’d like to say thanks to all Alior staff in general and to Bogumił Nurkiewicz – Trading Platform Manager – especially for great help while our business trip and warm hospitality”, – said Yuriy and Alxander after landing in Ukraine.

PFSOFT is going to migrate all our current clients to Protrader 2 in the nearest future and make this procedure easy and convenient for them. Also you still can contact Support team with any technical issues about Protrader.

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