Business trip to China

Recently, Alexandr Mahnitskiy, PFSOFT’s support manager, held a business trip to China. Now he is back and we are ready to ask him questions about trip results, people whom he met, and general impressions about this country and its citizens.

So, Alexandr, share with us your first impressions.

First of all, I want to say “Thank you” to Andy Song — our official representative in China and Korea. He organized most of the meetings. Andy adopted PFSOFT Chinese office for presentations and he was helping me during the whole visit. As for impressions: I got much experience in China and I’m ready to share it with all of my colleagues.

Alexandr - Business trip to China

What was the main aim of your trip?

Actually, this business trip had three main goals. The first one was to help and consult our existing client about the system architecture set up. Second — to make Protrader’s presentation to our potential clients. And the third one was to meet our partners for future plans discussing.

Alexandr, how many meeting did you have during your visit?

I had several meetings with our potential clients. And with our partners we held meetings practically every day. Also I had a meeting with our new client from Hong Kong, who bought Protrader license last month. Potential clients were highly excited about our technology, so I hope in the nearest time we’ll have many new clients in this region. Our partners suggested a lot of interesting ideas, particularly, Wenjie Tang, gave some good advice on Protrader functionality enhancement.

What do you think about Protrader’s potential on Asian market?

Alexandr_Monk - Business trip to China

I was pleased to know the significantly growing interest in Asia for professional programs in the field of trading. At the moment PFSOFT is actively exploring Asian market and I am glad that some of the brokers have already experienced the high level of technology in Protrader.

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