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This is a page about leisure time on Protrader official blog, with company news and latest information about Protrader trading platform, and PFSOFT life.

May holidays 0

May holidays at PFSOFT

Last year we enjoyed beautiful corporate party in the open air, and this time we decided to repeat those fantastic holidays. The day before the weather was rainy and dull, but it didn’t frightened...

new year in pfsoft 1

New 2012 Year in PFSOFT

New Year is the new stage in our lives and the time to resume all the achievements and make new plans for future. During the last 2011 year PFSOFT went on the new level...

Birthday Party 1

Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT

Yesterday PFSOFT celebrated its birthday – eighth anniversary since company’s establishing. This brought a lot of changes to PFSOFT. We expanded our staff, moved into new office, improved client’s support, got ready to release...

New Year 2011 at PFSoft 0

New Year in PFSOFT

Yesterday we decided to have some fun right in PFSOFT office and celebrate the main winter’s holidays. Despite the fact that everybody had a lot of work those days we still found the time for...