Protrader supports Spread Betting

Protrader supports Spread Betting now after the newest update

PFSOFT has announced the extending of their Protrader trading platform’s functionality with a new set of features. The new update enables Spread Betting in addition to Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Options and Futures trading. These allows PFSOFT to fit Protrader functionality to the local specificity of the UK financial market.

Protrader is the complex trading solution designed for banks, retail brokers and prime brokers. Due to the flexible architecture trading platform can be fitted to client’s needs regarding business model as well as local market’s characteristic. The latest platform update made Protrader more suitable for British brokers and traders. Thanks to cooperation with UK partner, PFSOFT has designed and introduced a new instrument type for Spread Betting with additional features required to conduct it properly. Now platform have been given a new netting scheme that allows to open multiple positions in one direction while netting opposite transactions. Moreover, the latest update introduced additional automation in managing SWAP, Libor and corporate actions.

“Working closely with our partners we were able to create more efficient and valuable trading platform for our clients” – said Roman Nalivayko, Global Head of Business Development at PFSOFT – “Customization service in addition to flexible platform architecture makes our offer an alternative to in-house development but with short time to market and more cost efficiently”.

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