Protrader 2 is now integrated with Dow Jones

Protrader 2 is now integrated with Dow Jones

With Protrader 2 you can get the access to different liquidity providers and data feeds. Today we integrated another one – Dow Jones news feed – and now our customers can get actual financial information in real time.

Information is highly required to traders, and Dow Jones is the world leading provider of relevant, various and trusted content that allows to be in touch with financial markets. The company is considered to be the competent financial analytic with award-winning content since 1882.

Now our users are able to follow Dow Jones news right from the Protrader 2 Desktop. The news are categorized, so you can choose the most interesting content, view news in real time or read archival articles. Each article opens in embedded browser, so you don’t need to leave trading platform to receive actual financial news.

We are making our software useful for current and potential users, so we implement new integrations with liquidity providers or data feeds within three weeks after client’s request.

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