Protrader 2 — new way of efficient brokerage

PFSOFT announced the release of a totally new version of its solution for brokers - Protrader 2

DNEPROPETROVSK, Ukraine, Oct. 6, 2011 — Yesterday PFSOFT announced the release of a totally new version of its solution for brokers — Protrader 2. As stated in the company’s blog, it was the most significant leap it ever made.

PFSOFT has introduced a number of changes related to functionality, design and architecture. In addition to spot, options and futures, Protrader 2 now also supports delivered forwards. In combination with multi-asset functionality, the platform thus has become a complete and universal solution for all markets.

«During the last year, the amount of transactions during big news increased a lot» says Alex Homenko, head of server development. We seriously took this into consideration and worked a lot on performance and scalability in Protrader 2. As a result we introduced a new cluster solution which is based on cloud computing with smart load balancing that makes Protrader 2 completely fault-tolerant and scalable.

Other big changes in Protrader 2 are related to security of the platform. These changes are a result of work in cooperation with independent security companies and big banks that use Protrader. The new Protrader has thus been accepted and deployed in the biggest financial institutions.

«We didn’t plan it but our release happened on the same day as the announcement of iPhone 4S» smiles Alexey Bogdan, head of front-end development. «In the new version we introduced an absolutely new Mobile terminal that works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.» Big improvements were made also in other interfaces — Desktop, WEB and Back-Office. As a result Protrader 2 has much better usability along with highly enhanced functionality.

«In order to make a not ordinary product, we need to act not ordinary, hence our team and the way we work were also changed» says Denis Borisovsky, the CEO of PFSOFT. «By using Agile methodology in development, we are now ready to deliver new functionality after 2-week iteration!»

With the new version PFSOFT has won clients in regions that are new for them — Asia and Africa. Some of them have already announced going live with advanced platforms by the end of this year. Most brokerages which are using the previous version of Protrader are also planning migration during this year.

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