Protrader 2 is integrated with PB for Pre & Post-Trade processing

A new step in Protrader 2 integration has been made. One of the most broadly used prime brokerages in the world Citi is now available to the platform’s clients.

With offices in more than 70 countries, Citi Prime Brokerage offers the best financial solutions supported by innovative technology for their customers.

Integration with Citi Prime Brokerage provides real-time reconciliation on the FIX protocol basis with top-tier banks. As a result, Protrader 2 clients are supplied with a broad list of liquidity providers to choose from. As already mentioned, Citi is a top-tier financial institution which ensures customer fund protection.

In addition, PFSOFT clients can cut expenses since integration with Citi Prime Brokerage doesn’t require processing firms which charge additional fees for their services. Now PFSOFT customers can evaluate all these benefits in their businesses.

PFSOFT is expecting a few more important integrations in the near future which will provide access to international stocks and the futures market.

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