PFSOFT expands the list of liquidity providers

PFSOFT expands the list of liquidity providers

The other day the list of supported in Protrader 2 trading platform liquidity providers has been expanded with two new ones — LMAX and ACM.

LMAX is the liquidity provider that provides STP-connection to Forex and CFD market as well as to its own exchange. The internal exchange allows buyers and sellers to trade without resellers. LMAX was established in October 2010 and belongs to one of the leading sports betting exchange — Betfair.

Swissquote Group is one of the biggest providers of online trading and financial services in Switzerland. It provides access to more than 60 stock and Forex markets in 40 countries and offers special services for asset managers and corporate clients.

Today more than 30 biggest liquidity providers are accessible for our clients. New integrations can be made by PFSOFT’s team in three weeks after corresponded client’s request.

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