Fund Management Module has been added to Protrader 2

PFSOFT announced total enhancement of money management system in the Protrader 2 trading platform. Fund Management account, an instrument for group investing, is now available for the platform’s users. By the way, this account can be used for operating on any market, including Forex, stocks and futures.

Fund Management service creates unique opportunities to asset managers. It represents a combination of several accounts of investors, interested in profit taking without being involved in trading activity. Instead of providing a full access to their accounts, investors put in a part of their assets (assets are blocked for fund on users’ accounts) on which a number of shares is bought for fund manager trading. They can also check the statistics of all managers and choose the one to trust. Each trader gets the full list of funds and comparative information about them. As well he/she gets the detailed data about each fund in graphic mode.

«We carefully thought out the visual statistics representation, so it will be easy for investor to make the right decision», — says Andrew Gerasimenko, Analyst from PFSOFT.

Due to a lot of adjustable options in the system, manager can create almost a unique system. He can manage the limitations for shares and investors, the trading period duration, the type of his reward, special rebates for particular investors and the possibility to join the fund during the trading period.

Fund manager trades during a certain period of time (investment period). In the end of the trading period, investors receive their share of the profit from the trading and compensation is paid out to managers. The value of share depends on the trading results, accordingly investor’s profit and loss depend on his/her initial investment. This system is fully transparent and operates on open-end fund basics.

«While creating this system we thought about each market participant, so everyone — broker, investor and manager — will evaluate the advantages of Fund Management accounts in Protrader 2», — says Konstantin Chornobai, Analyst from PFSOFT.

«With Fund Management service, investor doesn’t need to be involved in trading process to get the profit. Manager multiplies his revenues and gets additional rewards from investors. And broker is able to expand the list of his services with professional Fund Management-accounts system.» — says Denis Borisovsky, CEO of PFSOFT.


PFSOFT has been providing B2B technologies for financial business since 2003. The company produces full-cycle brokerage software for operating on all major markets, including Forex, stocks, futures, forwards, options and CFDs. PFSOFT offers Protrader 2 trading platform — professional trading software for all market participants.

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