“There is like a hundred steps in broker onboarding process” – Alex Makhnitskyi at Exactpro’s Extent Conference

On 22nd of June 2016 PFSOFT’s head of support – Alex Makhnitskyi – had an opportunity to provide his remarks on brokerage onboarding process from a technology provider’s point of view during the “Extent: Software Testing and Trading Technology Trends” conference in London. We are thankful to the Exactpro Systems team for inviting us to this marvelous event at London Stocks Exchange along with remarkable names in the industry.

Alex has significant experience in managing a platform onboarding process for various brokers and he was able to show “how deep the rabbit hole goes” – so to speak. Deployment and configuration process is crucial for implementation of a new technology within any brokerage. When conducted improperly can harm broker’s business by extending time to market or posing a risk of unnecessary failures and glitches. PFSOFT’s support team is fully aware of that, having right procedures in place.
Check the Protrader platform deployment procedure.

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