Deutsche Bank is now in liquidity providers’ list

Deutsche Bank is now in liquidity providers' list

The Protrader 2 trading platform is connected to 30+ liquidity providers and data feeds, and last week we added the new one to this list – Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank is German financial services company and one the biggest bank in Europe. In 2009 Deutsche Bank was ranked as the largest FX dealer in the world and held 21% of the market. In 2012 the company confirmed its eight-year title as the most significant liquidity provider to Asian currency market by Euromoney magazine.

The connection to Deutsche Bank is a great addition to our growing list of liquidity providers. Various integrations allow platform’s users operating on different markets simultaneously and get the maximal profit with smart-order routing and price-aggregation tools.

PFSOFT isn’t going to stop expanding the list of integrations, so we consider new requests from our partners and clients. Usually the implementation of new integration takes approximately 3 weeks.

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