Protrader is powering PTMC’s international trading contest – the Crosstrade 2016 championship

Protrader is powering PTMC’s international trading contest - the Crosstrade 2016 championship

Gdansk, Poland, Sep. 2, 2016 – PFSOFT has recently announced through its retail brand PTMC, that in September it will held Crosstrade trading championship for traders from all over the world independently from any broker.

This way PFSOFT would like to promote their professional trading and broking software and attract more attention to it.

Brokers and front-end trading platform


Though PFSOFT offers a brokerage solution for businesses it was always close to traders in order to create an outstanding trading environment not only for brokers but also their professional and semi-professional clients, Protrader end users. Therefore, the solution development process over the years was strongly based on relations with traders and their feedback, and that is what makes Protrader really unique in trading technology industry.

PTMC, or Protrader Multi-Connect, was born in 2015 as a retail version of PFSOFT’s front-end platform seen in Protrader 3. PTMC is offered to traders who would like to use professional trading terminal connected through a client API with their accounts at top tier brokers such as FXCM, LMAX, Oanda and Interactive Brokers.


PTMC and Protrader


Comparing to Protrader 3, PTMC does not have complex back office, connectivity capabilities nor dealer’s terminal of its parent solution and it’s integrated with broker’s server using client API. However for the purpose of this championship PFSOFT will use Protrader back office system and its own servers to host the contest making it independent from any particular broker.

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The main goal of PFSOFT since the very beginning in 2003 is to make financial trading more efficient by combining different markets, different asset classes and various market participants in a single environment. Creating advanced tools for variety of end users (traders, investors) and combining them with complex and flexible back office equipped with matching engine and broad connectivity (wide selection of APIs), the company was able to develop a technology that’s suitable for many markets and many entities in the financial world.

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Marcin Nowogórski

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