community gained new features.

Protrader reputation guruOur community is growing and we are working intensively trying to improve portal and add more features to it. Recently we have made big step forward introducing reputation and voting mechanism as a beginning of the whole set of relationship features. Our aim on this field is to encourage Protraders to act creatively, react to other’s activity, to cooperate and to build relationships. Voice of traders and everyday users of our software is utmost valuable for us. We want to appreciate trader’s engagement and emphasize their dedication with these symbolic rewards.

Now traders can earn reputation points for rating content made by others, starting discussion on forum or adding articles, reports and requests. Total points count will increase user’s status connected to certain benefits like E-mail domain, cooperation agreement or trip to the PFSOFT’s office.

Protrader reputation status table.

Protrader reputation status table.

Number of people visiting is growing faster and faster even in this early stage of community inception. We hope that current number of visitors will double or triple in close future thanks to special events and cooperation with our business partners. Stay tuned for more news and details, cause we haven’t said our last word yet :).

More details: feedback awarding explained.

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