Protrader 2 – the most significant leap we have ever made!

Every day in PFSOFT we’re making a little step to be even better. But today we’ve made a great progress by releasing new version of our brokerage platform Protrader 2. In new version we totally redesigned each part of the platform – Protrader 2 Desktop, Protrader 2 WEB, Protrader 2 Mobile and our administrative interface – Protrader 2 Back-Office. You still asking: why Protrader 2? Let’s evaluate the new advantages.


Additionally to Forex, options, futures, stocks and commodities Protrader 2 supports delivered forwards, that makes this software irreplaceable for online trading on all major markets. There is no difference, which instrument you use for trading, – Protrader 2 is appropriate to any trading activity.

Powerful, but easy

In new platform we worked much on usability, and now Protrader 2 is easy and convenient, even with enhanced functionality and significant amount of new features. There are no useless options in Front-end terminals and all new features are skillfully embedded into new platform, so you can enjoy really easy-to-use, flexible and thought-out software. Protrader 2 Back-Office is highly customizable and provides more options for efficient brokerage.

Reliable and scalable

New cluster technology based on cloud computing is our innovative solution for server performance. We divided different data streams by different servers, providing high availability and scalability of the system. Even with increasing amount of users, data feeds and liquidity providers the system is almost fault-tolerant.

Also in new version we worked on security with the biggest banks and third-party companies and now Protrader 2 meets highest requirements of different financial structures.

Changed in general

The changes in our software are only the reflection of company’s internal changes. For the last year our staff was expanded much, and our cooperation brings brilliant results. We are acting like an ant colony – each person in the team makes his individual work for the benefit of all company. There is no direct management in PFSOFT – our staff is managing its work themselves and this joint work of the united team of real professionals gives us an opportunity to create unordinary things.

Look ahead

Using Agile methodology, we’re going to release new updates every two weeks, so our way to approach the perfection will be evolutionary. And revolution in online trading, we are sure, will be made by Protrader 2.

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