Option Master in Protrader 3

Options Master in Protrader 3

We have added to Protrader 3 a set of new tools for options traders. Thanks to Artem Topol’s expertise, our platform gained new module for exchange-traded options where traders may analyze and trade options for stocks, futures, currencies and other assets. First release is introducing only most needed tools but we will add new options related features soon. Now you can use charts and modelina as well as ‘Greeks’ to analyze options’ pricing and build your own portfolio.

“Saying about professional level, we implemented just “must have” set of features for options trading. In the future we are going to enhance it with more sophisticated ones” – stated Artem Topol, Head of Business Analysis at PFSOFT.

Protrader platform is a DMA solution and therefore brokers may offer options available on exchanges or from other liquidity sources. Options functionality is designed for transparent, regulated trading and not for Binary Options. Thanks to that, conflict of interest is highly limited or absent at all.


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