Live trading in PFSOFT

Yesterday the staff of PFSOFT decided to put on the traders skin and feel, how it is being a trader. For this experiment they opened real micro accounts. So to feel the responsibility before traders and brokers, they risked by their money for understanding the market and people that work there. To provide really useful software we have analytics’ opinion, QA team for testing, user’s feedbacks and now the feedbacks from our employees.

The first interviewee is Roman, the marketing development’s manager.

Well, Roman, what are your first impressions?

You know, I am very passionate player, so my first acquaintance with market impressed me very much. There is a lot of stress, hard work, a lot of new information.

Why did you decide to try yourself in trading?

It helps me understand trader. With live account you perceive the functionality from the other side that is useful for the quality of the whole product.

Do you have any success?

Actually, no. I’ve lost 30 dollars. It disappointed me some. But I’ll turn them back.

The second ones for our short interview were analytics. Vitaliy and Andrey – skilled traders with big experience in trading by stocks, FOREX, futures.

Andrey and Vitaliy - Analysts

Andrey and Vitaliy – analysts

Guys, how long are you in trading? And what market do you prefer?

Andrey: I’ve decided to be a trader, when I was third-year student. From that time, I tried myself in trading stocks, options, FOREX, and something else… I’ve forgot.

Vitaliy: I’ve been trading stocks for one year. I like stocks, because they are easier to analyze than futures, but in general, trading  is hard work anyway and requires a high discipline.

While the trading fever seized almost everybody in PFSOFT, Alex – QA engineer – still didn’t start his trading activity. We decided to ask him, what he was waiting for.

Alex, QA department - Live trading in PFSOFT

Alex, QA department

I’m interesting in automated trading, so I’m going to write my own strategy and then take my best profit. Good groundwork is the best step for big success.

Which language are you going to use?

Now I’m studying MQL4, so my first robot will be written in this language. Later I’m planning to use C#, because it provides much more possibilities.

What information are you using for your robots? Is it just your own experience?

Of course, I’ve been read a lot of information and learned many examples, but my strategy will be completely unique. And I must say thanks to our analytics – their experience is very useful for automated trading.

Our last interviewees – Sergey and Anton – are from the Design department. During our conversation their attention was riveted on the monitor, because they have just opened new position.

Anton and Sergey, designers - Live trading in PFSOFT

Anton and Sergey, designers

What is happening now?

We opened short position and believe in our profit. This time it’ll be great!

How do you make your trading decisions?

Our tactics is scalping. We monitor EUR/USD on the charts with different time frames in Protrader trading platform.

Was this trading experience useful for you? Did you learn something?

Of course! We have been trading for only two days, but already have some ideas, how to improve the user interface in Protrader.

When you producing software for brokers and traders, it is important to act and think like them. So we are sure that this trading experience will help us to increase the level of our product. By the way, the authors of this article also tried themselves in trading. Nick had a little experience in Forex trading before PFSoft, and Tanya started her trader’s career here. The beginning is promising, so follow our blog for new reportages!

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