CROSS TRADE Award Ceremony

The Award ceremony for CROSS TRADE, the Polish trading championship

The Award ceremony for CROSS TRADE, the Polish trading championship, was conducted on June 3rd, 2013 in Krakow. It should be mentioned this was PFSOFT’s first time organizing an online trading contest. Such experience was very valuable for our company. When CROSS TRADE ended, all contestants and staff eagerly waited for the final ceremony. Today we would like to share some special moments with you from this event.

The ceremony started with prizes for special nominations: Best Manual Trader, Best Web trader, and Best Feedback. All winners were awarded cash prizes and promotional presents. We received a lot of valuable feedback about Protrader functionality and in the end decided to give out 2 awards for feedback.

After that we awarded the top ten winners of the contest. We also gave the 3 top winners CROSS TRADE cups as a keepsake of the championship.

Our 3 top winners and two contributors in the Best Feedback nomination gave us interviews. They shared their trading strategies, opinions about the championship, and ideas about Protrader functionality with us. We will inform you as soon as the video with their interviews is available for watching.

The award ceremony ended with an exciting banquet. During this time guests got a good chance to network and share their impressions about championship.

The top 3 winners and two contributors in the Best Feedback nomination received invitations to PFSOFT headquarters and we are all waiting for guests to arrive.

CROSS TRADE is PFSOFT’s first step towards the popularization of open and honest trading. We received a lot of useful input from the CROSS TRADE participants, became friends with them, and also awarded the most outstanding.

See more photos from CROSS TRADE ceremony in our blog.

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