Poland guests from Alior Bank at PFSOFT

Close collaboration with our partners and clients became the good tradition at PFSoft. Also with our Poland customer – Alior Bank – with whom we have almost friendly relationships. Our cooperation started more than one year ago, and at that time Alior Bank used Protrader 1 trading platform. During February, the Alior’s test environment was migrated to Protrader 2, and last month Protrader 2 trading platform came in production.

Alex Kachur is discussing Algo Studio

In order to discuss these changes and huge Protrader 2 functionality, two representatives of Alior Bank came to visit PFSoft staff in Dnepropetrovsk. We welcomed Krzysztof Polak – the Executive Director at Alior Bank S.A. – and Kamil Soliman –the Platform’s Expert. During a two-day visit we focused on the most important aspects for Alior Bank–automated trading tool and trading application for mobile devices.

The complete environment for automated strategies development – Algo Studio – appeared in beta version on the Protrader 2 Desktop several months ago. Our developers and analytics are still improving and supplementing it. The feedback from Alior Bank helps us to make this professional tool better.

Last day at PFSoft

Last day at PFSOFT

By using light browser-based Protrader 2 Mobile application traders can get full access to the financial markets and all necessary trading features from portable devices. We hope that Alior’s clients will soon be able to get the advantages of free mobile trading from anyplace and anytime.

Working in close cooperation with our customers helps us to enhance the Protrader 2 trading platform. Meanwhile, our clients get more from our product. We are sure that a new meeting with Alior Bank is round the corner.

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