PFSOFT is playing host to polish analytic

At PFSOFT we produce the software that is useful for our users and meets all contemporary market requirements. That’s why we spend a lot of time on analytics and get respected traders and third-party analytics involved in this process. This time we invite Karol Marchewka – polish trader that specialized in automated trading – to join us in discussion about latest developments.

The main discussion was about redesigned and upgraded tool for automated trading. In Protrader 2 users can code, debug and optimize their strategies, using different programming languages. Using Strategy Manager tool, traders can check the strategy on historical data and also optimize the strategy parameters to get the highest profit. Now we are working on improvement the interface and functionality of these tools and planning to provide even more advantages for automated traders.

Karol was excited about new developments and gave some advices based on his trading experience. But our cooperation only starts. We are planning to work together later and in the nearest future present our current and potential clients brand-new tool for automated trading.

Karol is discussing new automated trading tools with our analytics - Protrader

Karol is discussing new automated trading tools with our analytics

Also in Poland Karol Marchewka is a reputable person on the biggest Forex forum: There he provides a lot of information about Protrader and Alior Trader (branded version of Protrader for Alior Bank) and helps users to get all the advantages from amazing Protrader’s functional. Also Karol is a blogger and author of interesting articles about automated trading. Lately he started his blog about algo trading:

Now you can follow his posts right from our blog. We will add new column for him and soon you’ll be able to read relevant and interesting trading articles here. Follow our updates to be in touch!

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