PFSOFT is playing host for Finnish guests

New version of Protrader trading platform is only in work, but news about it is spreading to our clients. And one of our established customers interested in Protrader 2 so much and decided to visit PFSOFT for getting to know about new release at first hand.

Mika Liebkind – our Finnish client – is the CEO of online brokerage company named Liqvinet. We’ve been working with Liqvinet for three years, and hope to keep cooperation hereafter. It wasn’t the first Mika’s visit – last year we had chance to meet him and to discus questionable aspects in the platform, and this time we talk about new Protrader version and about migration on new version for Liqvinet.

We want to lift the veil of mystery and tell something about Protrader 2. In new version we’ll enhance and improve all components of the platform. Also we’re redesigning tools for operating with stocks and futures that was especially interesting for Mika. We discussed all aspects of these asset-classes from our vision as well as from broker’s side. This joint work, we hope, help us to make Protrader 2 only better.

Mika with our support and system administrator - PFSOFT is playing host for Finnish guests

Mika with our support and system administrator

Another important aspect is server loading. We show to Mika all new developments for high availability of the system, and convince him of reliability of servers.

Mika is our special guest and great part of our team has already been working with him. So it was nice to meet him again in PFSOFT. And in October PFSOFT’s representative is planning to make return visit to Finland.

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