Go to the Ant!

Changes in company and product lead to changes in all corporate style. So we think that Whale no longer fits our philosophy, but new corporate character – Ant – completely describes the PFSOFT’s vision.

Our Ant is technological robot – innovative, powerful, smart and up-to-date. Each its part strongly thought-out – and this fact is also appropriate for our software. The main colors of character are blue, that symbolizing self-discipline, and grey for elegance and harmony. Using state-of-the-art technologies in the Ant’s design is not accidental, because in development and management we are also acting in tune with the time.

Other qualities of ant’s colony are appropriate to PFSOFT as well. As you know, ants are highly organized and smart insects that act like a single organism. Each ant in colony has its own mission, and cooperate work of different individuals brings really good results. In our company we don’t have direct management, but our synergy leads us to success and great achievements.

Besides, ants are very diligent. They work as hard as they can to give their best to the colony. Their diligence even mentioned in the Bible as sample for all people. And scientists suppose that ants never sleep. In fact, they sleep in turn, and entire colony is always busy.

But the power of ants is not only in their cooperate work. Also each individual is highly smart and organized. It has the largest brain of any insects with nearly 250,000 brain cells and can lift about 20 times its own body weight.

Thanks to its social organizations now ants are one of the most widespread creatures in the world. They are in every continent, except Antarctica. As ants, we’re also approaching to global presence and today Protrader is used in great number of countries all over the world.

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