Interview with Denis Borisovsky – the PFSOFT CEO (2012)

Denis with piano - Interview with Denis Borisovsky

Denis with piano

The subject of our interview is PFSOFT CEO Denis Borisovsky. He has been in charge here for 9 years and met with great success during this time. Now we will ask him some questions about his life, his plans and PFSOFT.

Denis, please tell us, how did it all started?

Idea of creating the company came to me in 2003 when me and my collegues were creating some software for brokers. But soon it started to be annoying, because there were brokers, who forced us to make software hostile for users. They offered a lot of money for software that would work against customers. We rejected their and decided to create a company that will make the decent software for all traders. Since that day an outstanding software is our top priority. We don’t save money on testing, developing and optimizing our trading platforms.

What was your milestone on your way to success?

You know, there was no such point. We made few steps towards our goal, but we still have a lot work to do. We translated website, completed some projects and ideas… But I don’t think that we can stop now. We are going to make something big this year.


That was easy. At first we wanted to name the company to honor Peter Fen. He was my companion, and he helped me to create this company. We decided to use his initials, but gave them another meaning – “Professional Finance software”.

Do you have any role model for your company or maybe your personal idol?

In my opinion, it is not too good to have idols or standards. They make us closed in our vision of world, business and people. I don’t have any standards; I want to be original. Maybe I can find something useful for me or company, but I will not copy approach of other people or entities.

Can you make the portrait of “average” PFSOFT employee?

Each member of our company is a personality, first of all. There is no “average” employee in PFSOFT. Maybe they have some common traits (like young hearts), but nothing more. Each of them is unique.

Do you have any rules that you follow when hiring new employees?

The main idea is to find not only a good professional, but the one who will show himself the most in our company. When somebody likes his job no problem is too big for him, so we are trying to find people that are good in their profession but also who loves it. Also moral qualities are very important for me, because each employee is a part of the whole company influencing its standards.

What relationship do you have with your employees?

I don’t like stereotypes, so I don’t want to be the severe manager. Friendship and positive atmosphere are much better for efficient activity. I’m sure that perfect team work comes from friendship and dedication. This is very important, because we spend 1/3 of our life at work, so it should be pleasant and not stressful.

Did you learn something from your employees?

Yes, of course. I’m listening to everybody and welcome any creative ideas, so I learn something new almost each day. It’s interesting to speak with people in PFSOFT, because we have really amazing team.

Do you have any ideas, how to improve  conditions in the company?

I have one dream – to build office and hotel in countryside. I think it should be situated near river. One part of it would drift on the water while other side would be placed in the magnificent green park. I worked in the office-hotel in Poland, and it seems to me that it is very convenient. Also I plan to give credits to the employees and implement “sabbatical” – the vacation that will inspire them to make new achievements. In the nearest future we will bought our personal transport to make the way home easier for our employees, and few weeks ago I asked every department to make list with the most interesting professional literature – now we’re waiting for this order.

Do you like your job? Or maybe programming was more interesting?

Programming is easier for me, and sometimes I really miss it. But business development is much exciting and requires bigger activity. I always dream about something fantastic, something that could change this world.

What sacrifices can you make for your professional success?

I can sacrifice the most valuable thing in this world – the time. I think, that it’s worth spending lots of time to create really great product. But I don’t think that professional activity is most important. Self development is more crucial, and even if we don’t reach our goal, we obviously learn something new gaining new experience and skills.

Denis loves art. He likes to sing and play piano – on the picture above he is playing Leonard Cohen’s piece.

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