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The popularity of social networks is one of the most significant phenomena of the XXI century. Millions of people all over the world get involved in this Internet social fever, because it gives the possibility to communicate, get new information and share your personal news and experience. All these possibilities are very important for traders, and that’s why the development of traders’ communities and networks is the latest trend of the new century.

The necessity of trader’s networks gave the birth for different communities and forums, where people could exchange the information and experience and follow the advices of experienced traders. Another appearance of this need is the hedge-fund or investment fund. These services and structures existed over decades, but now they don’t meet all the requirements of modern traders, because they give the information, but don’t allow using this information and trading right from the community. So the main idea of social network is the collaboration of the informational resource and trading platform.

What do we have now?

First trading social networks in USA and Europe were heavy systems of forums and statistics of traders. But with the lapse of time they were upgraded to the multifunctional systems with interesting content and actual information. Today these networks have thousands users.

Forum is prime resource of social network. Here companies can post\repost their news; traders ask their questions and recommend something to other traders, discuss different themes, read news, etc. Some networks have their own analytics of markets. A lot of social networks for traders have markets with special useful products: scripts, books, magazines, robots, trading systems and a lot of other fine stuff. Also there are a lot of useful articles, authored by famous analytics, traders, doctors, professors.

Every participant of social network has profile, where he can fill information about him. Profile has a lot of configurations of privacy, fullness, language.

CIS’s social networks are different. Most of them were founded in 2009-2012 years. Big companies use them in advertising purposes (mostly). These social networks are useful only for clients of dominating company (founder and partners) in the media area. It contains analytics of market (mostly Forex, because Forex is very popular in SIC’s), scripts, charts. Some reposted information from famous sources or information about leading in social network company. And colossus number of advertising.

What do we really need?

Let’s describe the main features of trading network that are highly important for traders.


You can’t trade being isolated and latest news, trends, researches and articles are the base of trading activity. Free exchange of the trading information is the main feature of social network and it makes this service interesting for traders and other market participants.


Four eyes see more than two, as the proverb goes. Social networks offer the ability to work together, cooperate and share your experience. It can act like the investment fund or give you an opportunity to follow the advices of the experienced traders. These options make your trading activity efficient. And this point is very important for many traders.


The best system is the complete system. So the best social network should be more than informational resource. Traders need the full-cycle solution for analysis, informational exchange and trading.

Being involved

It goes without saying that trading social networks will burst the trading world in the nearest future. The social networks are highly developed now and traders require their own network to make the whole trading activity more efficient and convenient. We are sure, new social age is coming soon!

At PFSOFT we are going to make our own step towards the socialization and now we are working at new really impressive project. Follow our news to be the first to know!

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