When I started PFSOFT 10 years ago I had some IT knowledge, a few friends, and head full of dreams. I didn’t think that after 10 years my company would have such a high ranking in the financial software industry, occupying 3 offices on 2 floors of a beautiful building, employing almost 50 people and dealing with big financial institutions. During this time we have reached clients from all regions in the world. We’ve expanded and opened a small office in Hong Kong to better support our Asian clients. In addition to the Hong Kong office, we have specialists working with us in Turkey, Poland, USA.

Last year was the best year in PFSOFT history.

We introduced our platform to several promising clients and successfully organized a trading championship with one of them. We gained great experience in dealing with our partners, customizing our software for them, and listening to their needs. We do not just sell a box solution. Establishing good, constant contact helps us create a relationship based on reliance. Mutual support is the essence of our business approach and integrity also proves to be indispensable.

I believe one of the most important keys to our success is taking care of the team. My team consists of around 50 people and was carefully selected over the last 10 years. I am proud to introduce Western corporate standards in PFSOFT. We are one of the few employers in Ukraine who offer free medical support to employees and their families. Our offices are designed to be friendly since we spend lot of time there. We provide our employees with professional literature, family atmosphere or places to rest – play, workout, have a massage, drink or eat. Our team is 3rd place among IT Companies in employee satisfaction ranking for Dnipropetrovsk. Moreover, we have a sense of social responsibility which allows us to fund awards in sports competitions and sponsor IT Conferences in Dnepropetrovsk like ITEM 2013.

Having accomplished so much I am still looking for more, feeling that we are a fully grown-up business ready for the greatest challenges. Although we need to cultivate our existing successes, there is still a lot more to achieve. Just a couple months ago we released our newest product – an advanced trading platform designed for professional use. But it’s not like it appeared out of nowhere.

Protrader 3 is a result of 10 years experience in trading software development and cooperation with dozens of clients on a regular basis.

We’ve been working very hard, learning, and improving at the same time.

We have very ambitious plans for 2014. Several institutions have already inquired about the possibility of implementing our software into their businesses. There were both big and small players from financial industry. It looks like our journey is just beginning. We would also like to open several new offices across the globe – especially UK and India – to stay in better contact with the constantly growing number of institutions that put trust in us. Year 2013 was also the beginning of our B2C project – Protrader.com – which is aimed at building a community for traders focused on our products where they can describe their experience and discuss their ideas.

2014 will be even better. I’m confident because I know that we’ve got everything that’s needed to succeed.

- Denis Borisovsky, PFSOFT CEO

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