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This is a page about Media on Protrader official blog, with company news and latest information about Protrader trading platform, and PFSOFT life.

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The Scalper Panel in Protrader 3

One of our top priorities, while developing trading software, was always personalization – we think that the most important is to meet traders’ needs. Therefore Protrader 2 and Protrader 3 platforms are equipped with...

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Protrader all-in-one trading platform

This short 2-minute video presents in general all main Protrader features. For more information about each functionality please check: – Traders community – PFSOFT official website – Protrader Knowledge Base

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Cryptocurrencies? Try Protrader!

In march 2014, as a result of interest in Cryptocurrencies, PFSOFT announced the launch of Protrader Exchange Solution which is the first fully professional, commercial exchange solution for Cryptocurrencies and derivatives trading. Our goal...

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Normal workday at PFSOFT

Here’s a view of how 80 people in 3 offices at PFSOFT headquarters work on a normal day. For them it’s all about having new ideas and having fun accomplishing them. It’s also good...