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PFSOFT Outdoor adventure 2014

Annual PFSOFT outdoor adventure practically became a tradition. Active leisure close to nature is the best way to relax your mind, fill body with energy and integrate with teammates. After we encamped in the...

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!2014! Happy New Year !2014!

This year we were celebrating New Years Eve in amusement park in Dnipropetrovsk. There were plenty of attractions including: billiard, bowling, karaoke, video games and some custom contests and lotteries with prizes. Celebrating this...

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10 Years of PFSOFT!

28-29th September was a very unforgettable weekend. We met in Uspeh recreation center for our 10th anniversary event where plenty of great attractions were organized. We had a festive supper with karaoke and lottery...

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PFSOFT’s Outdoor adventure

We consider it to be already a tradition to have rain before going to forest. But as in one of the popular songs goes: “The nature doesn’t have bad weather”, this year the PFSOFT...

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The New Year celebration

On the 24th of December PFSOFT held a wonderful party dedicated to the New Year 2013. The motto of our celebration became a popular proverb: “A sound mind in a sound body”. As solid...

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Happy Birthday, PFSOFT!

One more efficient year passed and the ninth anniversary of PFSOFT took place. We have different achievements to be proud of: platform’s improvement, extending of clients’ base, enhancing of the work of clients’ support...