The New Year celebration

On the 24th of December PFSOFT held a wonderful party dedicated to the New Year 2013. The motto of our celebration became a popular proverb: “A sound mind in a sound body”. As solid health of each member of our team is one of the highest priorities in our company, this time PFSOFT party took place at the health center with Russian baths, sauna, and a large swimming pool.

The atmosphere of the fest was warm and friendly. At first our team enjoyed taking a steam bath alternating with pool swimming, and billiards playing. After that, fresh and clean, we spent a wonderful time in the banquet room: tasty food eating, cocktails drinking, chatting with each other, toasts proposing, dancing, laughing, and karaoke singing.

After such celebration, strong and healthy, we are ready to introduce technology innovations during the whole 2013 year.

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