PFSOFT has just moved into a new office

Our ambitions, achievement drive and will to create something really important allows company to grow very rapidly. So now we’ve reached the next level of our development and need to expand our team and workspace, therefore we’re moving into new working place with larger area and with all our growing team and high-flying plans.

working place - New PFSoft office

Bigger and lighter, convenient and commodious working space is perfectly suitable for efficient, dynamic and intensive work; and we hope to go on brining up to our clients required and profitable software for financial activity.

lamps on the ceiling - New PFSoft office

Our new office building is situated in the heart of Dnepropetrovsk city.

Current office is not only bigger, but also well-equipped for really productive activity. There are modern working places for developers and other staff and some leisure areas, where our employees can discuss working aspects or have a short break. One of the most amazing parts of our new office is the mansard with beautiful panorama of urban landscape. And we have a lot of plans about office design and interior decoration.

bench on the mansard - New PFSoft office

Expanding and progress is always exciting, so we’re glad to share this amazing news with you. We’re sure that all changes turn for better.

working place for our developers - New PFSoft office

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