New Year in PFSOFT

Yesterday we decided to have some fun right in PFSOFT office and celebrate the main winter’s holidays. Despite the fact that everybody had a lot of work those days we still found the time for organizing a great party.

The concept of yesterday’s evening was “Olympic games at PFSOFT”, so everybody was involved in sport and intellectual competitions. When the red ribbon symbolizing the beginning of the party was cut we started our games. First competition was for singers: we divided on two teams and tried to sing a song as a choir (its that nobody recorded that). But it was just a beginning…

Then two really brave guys decided to take part in competition which required from them to pronounce the phrase “Simplicity over complexity” putting one candy to the mouth after each iteration.

Candy competition - New Year in PFSOFT

Candy competition

Arm sport maybe is the most popular in he PFSOFT office so there were a lot of guys wanting to take a part…

Arm sport - New Year in PFSOFT

Then time of New Year presents had come, and two strange people (especially blue one) came to PFSOFT office to congratulated us.

Strange people - New Year in PFSOFT

There were also a lot of games, but cameraman wasn’t able to visit all the stadiums.

Sport excitement - New Year in PFSOFT

Well, we had a great party and great year. We hope that next year will be better and we’ll try to make future better for our clients too. We want to say thank you for being with us in 2010, wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Year's happiness - New Year in PFSOFT

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