New 2012 Year in PFSOFT

New Year is the new stage in our lives and the time to resume all the achievements and make new plans for future. During the last 2011 year PFSOFT went on the new level in its development. We were improving our support service, expanding the staff, playing host to our clients and partners and moving into new office. We found new partners and clients, opened first branch office and made huge groundwork for partnership.

We released completely new version of our trading platform – Protrader 2 – and used new techniques and features to give more opportunities to our present and future customers. This year was the period of hard work and great achievements, so we had a lot of reasons to have really wonderful celebration.

On the 29-th of December we gathered in our new office to have fun and to meet New 2012 Year. This office is in development now, but soon there will be new rooms for our growing team designed in very special way. The theme of the party was various. We decided that New Year is the time for masquerade, so some employees were worn like gangsters…

Gangster - New 2012 Year in PFSOFT


…and some ones like rock-stars.

Rock star - New 2012 Year in PFSOFT


Also we used oriental theme. This choice was not accidental, because last months we cooperated with our Asian partners, and also 2012 is the year of Dragon. This mythological character symbolizes the activity, growth and the begging of something really great, so we are sure that in New Year our diligent work will bring amazing results.

Oriental girl - New 2012 Year in PFSOFT

Oriental girl

Our team is very unite, so everyone knows each other and the atmosphere of the party was very friendly and domestic. We had a lot of dancing thanks to rock DJs…

We created new PFSOFT’s music bands and sang a lot…

We took part in different competitions and contests…

Competitions - New 2012 Year in PFSOFT


…and of course were talking, laughing, eating and drinking a lot.

Each employee got a gift from PFSOFT – nice T-shirt with our corporate character – ant, so on the next day almost everyone was wearing it.

Team in t-shirts - New 2012 Year in PFSOFT

Corporate t-shirts

“New Year is very inspiring and exciting time, and we are ready for new achievements”, – said Denis Borisovsky, the CEO of PFSOFT, in the beginning of the party. – “We have very intensive plans for every day in New 2012 Year, so we will continue amazing our clients and following our goals”.

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  1. Anna Jameson says:

    Would like to join your party next year :)

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