May tourism, or Two days without civilization

In PFSOFT we think that for efficient work you should sometimes have a little leisure time. So one spring holidays we decided to have an exciting rest near the river and feel ourselves like a real hikers.

We started on Saturday morning, set up a camp and plunge into competitive atmosphere. In fact there were a lot of competitions for all tastes. So everyone could display his talents and has fun.

We divided into two parts and started our games. First team tried to win championship in hiking. But there were many barriers on the way to be the winner. We had to climb on the ropes…

Climbing - PFSoft near the river

shoot in targets…

Shooting - PFSoft near the river

…and run-run-run to the victory. It was amazing, really!

Climbing - PFSoft near the river 2

At the same time another team decided to conquer water areas. We had a lot of exciting hours with kayak-padding. For most of us it was the first time, when we take oars, but we hope – not the last one.

Denis on the kayak - PFSoft near the river

The competition was really desperate. We fighting for each second and only few blinks divided us into winners and those, who had bad luck this time. But nobody lost, because only amazing moments stayed in our memory.

Yana on the kayak - PFSoft near the river

After active sport games we rested more quietly, walking throw the forest, sitting near the fire and talking about everything. Then we had delicious dinner and nice May night under stars in tents. Next morning started with kayaks again, but this time there were team’s championship and a lot of fun again.

Fans - PFSoft near the river

Summer’s only starting, but we’re going to enjoy it in full. True, only in free of work time.

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  1. May 29, 2012

    […] Last year we enjoyed beautiful corporate party in the open year, and this time we decided to repeat those fantastic holidays. The day before the weather was rainy and dull, but it didn’t frightened our team. So Friday night we gathered together and left the city towards fresh forest air and exciting camping trip. […]

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