May holidays at PFSOFT

Last year we enjoyed beautiful corporate party in the open air, and this time we decided to repeat those fantastic holidays. The day before the weather was rainy and dull, but it didn’t frightened our team. So Friday night we gathered together and left the city towards fresh forest air and exciting camping trip.

As usual we don’t like sitting without anything to do. So we planned a lot of games and competitions to enjoy ourselves. First one was archery:

Archers - May holidays at PFSOFT


Some of us founded themselves skilful archers and the most fearless ones were from another side:

Various targets - May holidays at PFSOFT

Various targets

But luckily all arrows, knives and axes reached only wooden targets:

The goal is achieved! - May holidays at PFSOFT

The goal is achieved!

After extreme games we played football. The competition was desperate:

Football competition - May holidays at PFSOFT

Football competition

And several enthusiasts even found some time for intellectual competition:

Chess competition - May holidays at PFSOFT

Chess competition

So the day was full of active moving and obviously we were extremely hungry. Fortunately the pot has been already boiled, and we tasted delicious food on fire:

Pot on fire - May holidays at PFSOFT

Pot on fire

And then sitting near the campfire the whole night, we were talking about everything, singing to the accompaniment of darbuka and jaw harp, and enjoying fantastic may forest. Now we are sure that the next year we will be camping again!

Magnificent fire - May holidays at PFSOFT

Magnificent fire

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