Happy Birthday, PFSOFT!

One more efficient year passed and the ninth anniversary of PFSOFT took place. We have different achievements to be proud of: platform’s improvement, extending of clients’ base, enhancing of the work of clients’ support and invitation of new specialists to our team.

Traditionally, a party dedicated to this event is held. This year, we celebrated it on board of a ship which was furrowing the river Dnepr during five fantastic hours. Just like the weather the atmosphere of our festivity was warm and friendly.

Our ship - Happy Birthday, PFSOFT

Our ship

Anton, Andrey - Happy Birthday, PFSOFT

Live-band music played, tables were full of tasty food and various drinks, funny competitions were held, presents received, chats and laughing and, as usual, a lot of dancing and singing took place.

Elena, Katerina, Alexandr - Happy Birthday, PFSOFT

In the middle of the party we got the chance to hear a song devoted to our company and the video to it, performed by Denis Borisovskiy – the CEO and founder of PFSOFT.

Alexandr - Happy Birthday, PFSOFT

As this year the topic of our celebration was dedicated to “Star wars”, the spirit of “The Force” – a special energetic field which can be controlled only by those who have reached a certain level of intellectual development – was flying in the atmosphere of the ship. In our case each member of the team was ranked according to his or her professional experience and contribution to company’s enhancement by Denis Borisovskiy – the CEO of PFSOFT, and awarded a special badge which confirms that rank. Now each of us knows what level of “The Force” he or she has and is able to define the next goal both in the personal and company’s development.

Denis Borisovskiy - Happy Birthday, PFSOFT

During our voyage we went ashore on the island. We enjoyed the shining stars in the sky but even brighter was the marvelous salute in the honor of PFSOFT.

A new stage of development was achieved by PFSOFT this year. But we are not going to stop searching for new solutions because we have many ambitious aims to be reached ahead.
Happy Birthday, PFSOFT!

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  1. Andy Song says:

    Happy birthday PFSoft,
    I am confident that PFSoft would bring benefit to market of trading platform

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