Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT

Yesterday PFSOFT celebrated its birthday – eighth anniversary since company’s establishing. This brought a lot of changes to PFSOFT. We expanded our staff, moved into new office, improved client’s support, got ready to release new version of our software and got new clients in new regions. So we had all rights to celebrate this date in magnificent way.

We divided our party into two parts. First part occupied in our office – on the mansard. There we watched the presentation about the past, present and future of our company. For somebody it was a chance to remember, what was in the beginning, and for somebody – get to know something new about PFSOFT. Denis Borisovskiy – the CEO and founder of PFSOFT – showed the presentation by himself.

Presentation - Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT


The presentation took place under the night sky, and we were catching the last warm evenings of autumn.

Mansard Party - Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT

Mansard Party

Also each employee got a present from PFSOFT. It was a personal coin, dedicated to our eighth anniversary. Maybe this coin is not rated by financial community, but it really has a great value for each of us.

After official celebrating we had barbecue party till night.

Barbecue - Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT


But it was only the beginning of the party…

Next part of the celebration took place on the ship. We decided to organize the pirate party, so we boarded a real ship and took the river. We were very excited of this idea, so prepared costumes and infected with pirate spirit.

On the ship there was everything that is needed for good party: live music (from the invited music band as well as from our talented staff)…

Music - Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT

Music band

…a lot of snacks and drinks…

Snacks - Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT


…competitions and gifts…

Competitions - Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT


…dancing and a lot of chats.

Dancing - Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT


We admired the sunset and beautiful night on the river, went ashore of the island and enjoyed the great salute in honor of PFSOFT.

Salute - Eighth Anniversary of PFSOFT


During this year we got into new level of developing and supporting the professional trading software, but we still feel ourselves young and full of ambitions, so we are sure that our new year will be even more successful. During the party Denis Borisovskiy – the CEO of the company – outlined the plans for the nearest future and marked main vectors in the company’s development. So we’re looking ahead excited and are ready to embody all new ideas.

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