Congratulate the winners!

On the 26-th of October two analytics from PFSOFT took part in Trading Tournament. This competition was organized by Broco Company and took place in Computer Academy “Shag”. Several teams of Dnipropetrovsk’s traders were fighting for the title of best trader in the city. At the same time this competition carried out in other towns and countries, because Broco Trading Tournament is an international event.

Our today’s heroes are Andrew Gerasimenko and Maxim Klepikov. They are not only the analytics, but also active traders that know trading world from inside. So they used all their experience to represent PFSOFT on the highest level.

Andrew and Max traded with silver and after two hours of trading activity their results were really great. Jury confirmed the team result of PFSOFT and the team was awarded with the second prize.

Each participant of the team got a nice  money reward. So we’re happy to congratulate our winners and wish them new wins in trading and life.

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  1. Sergey says:

    My congratulations guys. Such small victories lead to big achievements.

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